The spot on the wall, puzzles, chemistry games, costumes, hidden treasure hunts behind the closet doors, those -and some others I don’t remember- are the games that I enjoyed by myself during my childhood. I see them in my current work.

I see them in the presence of scenes in metal, glass, mosaics, in the mixing of enamels, in colors and in my taste for perfume bottles.
All these feed the games that I enjoy today, seriously and by myself.

Claudia Schnaider


I was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 20th, 1955.

Contests and Exhibitions

2010 La Biodiversidad en el Bicentenario. Jujuy

2010 The AAF. New York 

2009 Galería NES zona 54

2009 – Water and Light, Poetic Technologies at the end of a decade.
Curator Graciela Taquini "Objeto A"

2008 – La Nave. Contemporary Jewelry "Art and Part"

2008 – Artists and the I Ching "Buenos Aires South Corporation"

2007 – Expotrastiendas – Artists and the I Ching, in Karina Paradiso

2006 – Ninth Bienal of Plastic Arts – Morón University.
2nd Mention in the Sculpture Category

2000 – IV Glass in Art National Hall

1999 – III Glass in Art National Hall

1998 – R&H Art Gallery

1989 – 2º Fine Arts and Literature Gathering in Centro Cultural “Enrique S. Discépolo”

1985 – Culture Direction from Municipalidad de Tigre

1983 – Painting Grand Prize Alianza Francesa 90th Anniversary

1980 – Painting Prize DAR


Contemporary Jewelry Masterclass / Seminar by Charon Kransen.
Wax modeling with Antonio Pujía

Lost wax method in the Institute of Technology “Profesor Jorge A Sábato” in the National University “General San Martín”

Painting on class with Jorge Curuchet

Thermo-shaped glass with Mabel Waisman

Jewelry with Jorge Castañón

Traditional painting on water from Central Asia “Ebru”

Degree in Visual Arts – IUNA (Arts National University Institute)

Degree in Painting – National Fine Arts School “Prilidiano Pueyrredón”